Random work from Sjuuls Oonk | WORK | 2011/2012

These drawings were part of my thesis which was called "Stilte. Subliem!" (silence. sublime!). Where I tried to find similarities between silence, the sublime and drawing. The first three drawings were presented at the final presentation.

Statement; What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Starting your computer, checking your mobile and facebook messages, making a tweet. I'm awake! I'm here! I'm online! In our time being silent or standing still is almost impossible for us. This forms our daily rhythms. But what happens when the other side is gone silent, if we are not online and we are not reachable. Can we bear this silence?

The term silence is interesting because of its ambiguity. It binds or breaks, reveals or conceals, is dark or light, something or nothing. Silence can be everywhere and shows itself in different ways. Silence is connected with sense, space, sound, mind and time. Despite the consistence with time, silence captures a timelessness. A frozen moment.

These works emerged from an experience in Scotland. When you look to my work for the first time it doesn't say the same when you take more time. Nothing looks like something and something might not be what it seems.

// Materials: Charcoal, Indian Ink on paper